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Let us journey together joyfully.

Let us journey together joyfully.

GuruHellen is a Certified Relationship Coach and the Author of Takes Two To Tango: How To Enjoy Lifelong Marriage. She has over twenty years of interactive coaching on relationships and parenting. She is also a spiritual role model and mentor to many, young and old alike. She strongly believes in the power of sharing and guidance. She shares some golden nuggets on this website.


Let us journey together joyfully

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Gratitude Heals Sore Relationships

By Guru Hellen 4 days ago.

Did I feel like journaling? Absolutely no. My head was telling me it was futile and that I was well into failure, and that my gospel of thriving relationships was a hoax. Against this loud negative voice that had grown so strong, I took my pen and book and wrote my way out of negativity.

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Should You keep your opposite sex friends after getting married?

By Guru Hellen 4 months ago.

Can you still be friends with the opposite sex after marriage? If God wanted us not to keep in touch with the opposite sex after marriage, He would have created a separate world for married couples. But since that is not the case we must learn to live together irrespective of our marital status.

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Shame: Get that mask off!

By Guru Hellen 7 months ago.

How many times has society forced you to wear masks that please to them, but make you forget who you really are? What masks are you wearing right now? It is time to peel off those masks.

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Have you read Takes Two To Tango by Hellen Juma? This is perfect if you are looking to create beauty and harmony in your family and personal relationships. Q: what is different now since reading it? This is my second time of reading and studying this and I am more inspired now than ever. Can not put it down! This book will change the way you think and it will change your life! #takestwototango
S. McKenzie - April 13, 2020
I loved this author's transparency and down-to-earth way of sharing her heart + her personal experience in this powerful guide that's all about creating a marriage you love. Excellent!
S. McKenzie – February 8, 2019
She's very helpful and friendly that you can trust especially if you have a problem. She's a good adviser. Thank you Hellen for everything.
MaRose Corpuz - September 12, 2018

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Relationships are an integral part of our lives. Challenges in relationships are a common phenomenon. We help build better relationships with self, Spouse, family (especially with children and vice versa), colleagues and with society at large.

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