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Seven main reasons why your teen won’t listen to you

By Guru Hellen 2 years ago. Tagged under Parenting, Teenagers, 21st century parenting, Love, Conflict, Being a parent, Children.

Many a time, parents express fatigue, disillusionment, sadness, depression and utter despair, when talking about their teen children. They repeatedly complain to each other how one teen is worse than the other and that there is no way of solving their never-ending problems. Instead of helping each other out, these parents embark on an endless journey of complaints and lamentations. Although these parents’ feelings may be justified, I believe that parenting at whatever stage of a child’s life is as challenging as it is fun.

What type of a parent are you?

By Guru Hellen 2 years ago. Tagged under Parenting, How to raise children, 21st century parenting, Caretaker, Children.

This is the process of taking care and bringing up children entrusted to you till they are old enough to be independent. While some of us think that a parent is your father and/or mother, in modern societies we have adopted parents, guardians, caretakers, babysitters, nannies and even trustees who take up the role of parenting.

How to stay optimistic

By Guru Hellen 3 years ago. Tagged under Life purpose, Life lessons, Peace, Conflict, Goal of life, Life challenges, Optimism, Challenges, Goals, Motivational.

Life is an amazing journey. It is full of turns and twists, high peeks and deep dark crevices. sometimes we find ourselves in dark caves that look like a cold, dark dead end. It is still part of the journey; and that is what makes it interesting, challenging and fun. Just like the two sides of a coin, the head and the tail are it’s integral parts. All living things in this planet face challenges; be it plants, animals or human beings.

Confidence – How to identify and silence fear

By Guru Hellen 4 years ago. Tagged under Life purpose, Life lessons, Childhood dreams, Growing up, Faith, Fear, Love, Peace, Conflict, Goal of life, Middleground, Motivation, Optimism, Relationship, Challenges, Doubts, Goals.

Whether we believe it or not, we are spiritual beings undergoing a physical journey on planet earth. Each one of us has a”raison d’etre”, “Ikigai” or simply said, “A reason for being”. The journey through life is influenced by the spiritual dimension as much as physical dimension. Unfortunately, we often ignore the spiritual side of our being, and hence the effect thereof. Everyday, We are either feeding the positive side or negative side of our spiritual being.

Conflict resolution in relationships

By Guru Hellen 4 years ago. Tagged under Life purpose, Lifes challenges, Lifes journey, Love, Peace, Conflict, Goal of life, Middleground, Motivation, Optimism, Relationship.

There is an old adage stating that when cups are put in a box, they must clink against each other. Whenever two human beings live or work together, they will inevitably have differences in their points of view, preferences, attitudes, understanding and so on; irrespective of their relationship with each other.

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