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P.O.P.S.T.A.R: Seize Your Life's Center Stage

Lights! Camera! Action! Take one, take two take three… The stage is yours, POPSTAR!

Whether you are aware of it or not, you have been performing since the day you were born; either as the star or supporting actor of your own reality show or as a marionette in someone else’s show.

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How To Seize Your Life's Center Stage

POPSTAR is all about taking back your Power and becoming the main star of your show – your life. It gives a step by step actions to follow in order to reclaim your birth right, your spot, and your power. the steps are laid out in the acronym:

This is workbook talks about:

  • P – POWER
  • T – TIME

Portrait As you realise your Purpose and pursue it with passion, you are required to systematically set the Objectives of how to accomplish your duties. It is impossible to do this if you have delegated your Power to your painful, uneventful past, your demanding or demeaning family or friends. You will need to reclaim your Power, be Specific in your demands, intentions and expectations – the universe is all about specifics. We all are in this planet for a given Time, and we should be aware of how we use this universal resource. Whatever you do, you are Accountable for the end results – so make them count, and be as Realistic about your dreams, your goals, your desires and your life as you possibly can!

If POPSTAR will not get you off your chair and get you realising your dreams, nothing will. So read on!

Hellen Juma

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