About Guruhellen

I am Hellen Juma, and I am here to help you work on your relationships, particularly marriage. I have over twenty years of experience in helping individuals and couples to discover and pursue their dreams while enjoying fulfilling relationships.

I am a Certified Relationship Coach and the Author of Takes Two To Tango: How To Enjoy Lifelong Marriage. I have a teaching background (Bachelors Degree in Education), which has helped me perfect the art of nurturing and guiding individuals to realise their best potential, and an MBA in Strategic Management) which helps me guide individuals to planning, executing and achieving the set goals. These professional certificates coupled with my experience as a college tutor and coach helped me a great deal in understanding the human dynamics which include emotions, communications, planning and evaluation.

My passion is to help you to live your life to the fullest while realising your personal and marital goals. So let’s get working!!



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Over 20 years of helping people find and pursue their purpose.