The Enlightened Couple Workshop: This a one day/Two Day interactive workshop targeting to empower couples with tools and skills to make their relationship thrive. The workshop activities are aimed at opening you to the possibilities of a lifelong enjoyable marriage with your spouse. Book Now.

Face your Monsters!! Workshop: This is a four-hour eye-opening interactive workshop where couples are guided to challenge their assumptions, thoughts and beliefs about themselves and their spouses. It is a deep thought provoking and mind blowing and soul searching activity based event. The goal of this event is to challenge the negative thoughts and habits they may have inherited from previous relationships or learned from those around them and replace them with positive applicable ones. Book Now.

Relationship focus power groups: These are empowerment meetings aimed helping individuals and couples to refocus on what matters most in their relationships. The group members work together and hold each other accountable for the achievements of each individual, or couple. Mentorship is provided in these coaching programmes. Book Now.

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