The Art of Battle

There comes a time in a season
where pride fights reason
And words that are termed poison
flow out of our mouth without ceasing
Like a snake angered and hissing

Logic and reason are in conflict
Love and hate each wants to inflict
dominance and power over each other
as the person seeks to harm the other
Without thinking of the pain you inflict

Cease and desist from these
Fear and anger are thieves
To deny and starve you of peace
As often as you use them at ease
On the ones that you love and need

Not every battle is worth fighting.
Pick your battles, wisely.
Some are for you and some not in your territory
Walk tall and straight past them, they aren’t
you may be labeled weak, meek,
But you are saving your guns for the loved ones.

Not every battle is yours to win
Not every way calls for your spin
Choose wisdom with every stride
Keep your peace, keep your sanity, keep your pride.
For if you don’t, you surely will be the fool down the strides

©Guru Hellen(2018)

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