Life’s Goals : Your childhood dreams

“ …Children as you may know, do not know the word Impossible,” The Cuban guy.

One of the most amazing things in life is watching a child grow up; right from birth when they announce their arrival with a cry. They quickly learn to seek out what they need, cry for it, without caring where they are or who is around them.

Give it a few hours and it starts feeling around, turning left to right looking for FOOD; eyes closed, mouth open. It is like they came with a compass!! At this point, words like shy, withdrawn, secretive, do not exist in it’s life. Simple. That is how the child is born; simple but still with everything they need to journey in this planet. It is like an alien that comes with it’s ship, all equipped and with a manual as well!!

These little bundles of joy, which were once, you and I, are like sponges. They learn most of their worldly skills through observation and imitation. They observe, absorb and with time start practice. When it is time to practise, they do it again and again and again… until they can do it or say it right. They never gave up.

Imagine how the world would be if the little babies said, “Well, this is too hard and dangerous for me, I cannot walk, or talk,… this food is too hard, I am good with breastfeeding for the rest of my life!!”

Sadly, however, as we grow to adults, we lose these vital innate characteristics that are so fundamental to our survival. This is the compass to our life’s purpose. We forget how to ask, and to follow our natural instincts and desires to succeed in life. We resign ourselves to the miserable lifestyles of pessimism, failure, disappointment, depression, laziness… the list is endless! Some of us call it “growing up!” 🙁

The mantra ” Never give up” is wired deep within our genetics. Getting what we need is simply an ask away. The problem is we ask without expecting what we ask!!! (We unlearned our inborn mechanisms, thanks to environmental conditioning).

There is, deep within each one of us, the very same desires we were born with. They are the compass towards what we are supposed to accomplish while journeying planet earth. However messed up it is right now, it is possible to reawaken the giant within you!

These are simple steps to help you reroute the child within, to accomplish what it is supposed to do:

  • Forgive your past; it’s pains, failures, and all that is negativities. It is all over and there is nothing you can do to change what happened. Learn from it and move on – just as children do. Dwelling on the past only steals joys your present and robs your future.

  • Release future anxieties; While it is good to plan ahead and hope for the best, it is also vital to remember that you are not yet there. You are here today and you are needed here, to accomplish today’s goals. Live for the moment. Enjoy every bit of it, because once it is gone, it is history. Make your history count.

  • Set goals, start small and grow with them; If you observe children, you will notice that they follow one thing relentlessly, until they get it; be it an insect, a toy, a song, a game etc. They do not give up. They know they will get it!! and most often they do!! That is the way to go. Set small goals, set time limits, go after them; RELENTLESSLY. Do not stop until you get what you want. That is how it is and should always be.

“Never give up, never give up, NEVER GIVE UP!!” Winston Churchill

  • Celebrate milestones; Whenever you achieve a major goal, celebrate with family and friends. It is always good to feed the good wolf in you ( borrowed from a native American story of the two wolves). Appreciate yourself and celebrate you! Always remember there is only one YOU in the whole universe. Your achievements are for whole universe as well.

  • Make happiness your target, everyday. Happiness is the journey of living, not a destination or a stopover in the journey. Make a conscious deliberate decision to be happy everyday, because you deserve to be happy.

  • Take time to adventure in the lifelong journey called living: Familiarity brings contempt (English saying). When you switch to autopilot in everything you do, it is time for growth, time for change, time to get outside the environment. Take a break from the routine to appreciate the beautiful world around you. Go on an adventure, camping, holiday. Just leave the monotonous lifestyle for a while. The rewards are lifelong joys and memories. This is very good for your emotional wellbeing as well. Briefly said, enjoy the outdoors as you used to do when you were a child.

  • Share: The most amazing reality is that those who have been blessed with talents, wealth and life’s varied gifts, but don’t share tend to be the most miserable. Reason? There is joy in giving and sharing is caring. Happy is the heart that giveth, blessed is he who gives… SHARE: your time, your talent or gift, your joys, your wealth, your motivations, your love. Share, share, share…

  • Take time to study the successful: We once did this. We studied the adults and imitated them. We stole their ideas, their walking styles, their patterns of thinking, both the good and the bad. Only because we thought they were successful. Then one day we abandoned this activity and decided we do not deserve the finer things in life. It is time to reboot and restart the copy paste formula: from the successful once ONLY.

I believe these few steps will help in re-awakening the child within to once again follow life’s journey joyfully, because life is good!!

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