Three simple ways to resolve conflicts in marriage.

Wondering how to resolve conflicts in your relationships?

Do you and your spouse want to end the long ‘silent treatment/cold shoulder moments?

Do you want to put your marital relationship back on track?

In this article you will learn some of the simplest ways to resolve recurrent conflicts in your marriage

Marriage is a very noble and exciting calling. When one is about to get married, they can hardly wait till they cross over to the other status. To others, it may be seen as a thrill, an adventure, a journey, where they partake as a pair. The mystery of this relationship can be both scary or enticing to individuals alike.

The main component of a marriage is Love. Without love, the marriage is like tasteless salt or a flat tire. It is useless and will take you nowhere. Therefore, when all is lost in a marriage, and love remains, the bond will survive the perils.

Although matrimony is regarded as a bed of roses, it is prudent to remember that rose bushes have thorns! These are the challenges and arguments that arise therein as a result of individual differences and preferences.

Communicate: Conflict is one of the most recurrent thorns and should be dealt with fast and efficiently. Letting it pass under table may be dangerous as well as poisonous to the relationship. It is important to share each ones point of view to the other partner: The caveat here is; With utmost respect and love. How something is expressed is as important as what is being expressed. One of the biggest root causes of separation and divorce today is poor communication, sporadic and wanton communication, or no communication at all.

Say it loud and say it clear; with love and respect for your lifelong partner.

Marrying your visions and dreams: This is the one of the prime factors to consider when selecting a mate. If your visions and dreams are not congruent, there may be irreversible damages to the relationship. Once married, the two operate like an enterprise; with common goals and visions, from both partners. An enterprise with internal conflicting goals will eventually disintegrate. The same is true for marriage. Partners should often sit down and review their shared goals and ideas, upgrade them or shelf them AS A TEAM. If this does not happen, there may be two roads leading to a fork at the end of the lane, and each individual may take a different route. This leads to more conflict.

Keep the bedroom flame burning: Although this may seem to be sexual or very personal, there is absolutely no secrecy as regards to bedroom matters. We all marry the partner who sets us on fire in the bedroom. We fall in love with the ‘fox’ or the ‘lion/lioness’ or the ‘devil’ in the bedsheets. While it may seem physical, the sexual bonding is very emotional and also spiritual. Two become one. Literary. This bonding extends easily to other dimensions of the relationship. It starts in the bedroom. It also ends in the bedroom. Romance in the marriage should never be ignored. If you have let go of your sexy body, it is time to revisit the gym or look for weight loss programs; if you wear old torn T-shirts to bed, shred them and go get the hot kinky nighties. Make your partner have another reason to want to be with you.

These are just but some of the main ways to rekindle the flame in the marriage. Communicate, and do it well; share dreams and visions, and keep the flame alive.

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