5 self-sabotaging phrases even smart people use

I am certain you have heard the adage “Never underestimate the power of I AM!” Ironically we never take it to heart when uttering what follows these two words. I have heard many times over and over, people slitting their future into pieces using this phrase. Other times I hear some folks curse their offspring using the same phrase, curse themselves and cast spells that are so hard to undo.

The tongue, as always, is a very powerful organ. The power of life and death lie there within (Proverbs 12:18). This applies even to self. Amazing things happen when you use your tongue positively. It is like the universe is all ears to what you are saying, and it is.

The following are five catastrophic words people use to slay themselves, and how to avoid them.

  1. I am so bad … It is bad enough for someone else to tell you that you are bad or terrible at anything or in any way. The negative words bring a heavy feeling to the soul. Saying them yourself confirms ownership of the state and endorses the ownership of the negativity. These words may be used alone or followed by an action. Some people say they are bad at something, rather than saying the lack talent or skills in doing something. Other similar words to avoid include; ‘ I am terrible, I am the last person to ask… I cannot do it…I will never succeed in…
  2. I am Just… This phrase is used to downplay talent and confidence. This is one of the biggest self-confidence deflators. No one is just anything… each one of us is always more than a simple achievement, a virtue, an action etc. Instead of downplaying compliments, appreciating them and acknowledging them positively is a very neutral way of keeping yourself intact. Saying “thank you” is sufficient.
  3. I am too shy, I am afraid of people… It is okay to feel daunted by masses, but that should be a reason not to face that feeling head-on and overcome it. The confession that you cannot overcome it, creates ownership of that feeling. The same is true of all other things you feel that you cannot overcome. Instead of allowing the overwhelming g=feeling of powerlessness, why not use the mantra “I am able” “I can do it” “ I have all I need to overcome this challenge”.
  4. I am the same old… This is a confession that you have not grown, or developed for the better. I have some people use “same old clumsy, same old messy” “Same old forgetful”. It is a sign of resignation to the old vices or bad habits. That is why I love the comments that others say “Better than yesterday,”” Better than ever” “ Like never before”.
  5. I know I can’t do it… I guess I am meant to be that way…I don’t know if I can… Another confidence deflating bunch of words. Every time I asked an individual if he/she can do something for me and they answer, “I guess so” I interpreted it to be a lack of confidence or an unreliable individual. Resignation to defeat is not a human virtue. Always confess hope and possibility of overcoming a challenge.

These are just a few of the long list of self-sabotaging words and phrases that are abused over and over again. We should deliberately and consciously work towards blessing ourselves and those around using the right words and phrases. Remember; words heal and words kill.

To better expressions of self…


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