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Quit complaining and start being a parent

By Guru Hellen 5 years ago. Tagged under Parenting, Wisdom, How to raise children, Being a parent, Mentor, Caretaker, Children, Communication.

The Oxford and Webster dictionaries define ‘Parent’ as the Father or Mother. They further explain the parent by the roles they take: caretaker, protector of children, lover of children, rear, provider, mentor, guide etc.

7 essential skills every parent should equip his/her child with

By Guru Hellen 6 years ago. Tagged under Parenting, How to raise children, 21st century parenting, Children, Financial coaching.

There is a global saying in every community about how to bring up a child. It is a common belief that the child is a blank canvas and whatever the parent puts in, the child will eventually put out when he/she grows up.

5 self-sabotaging phrases even smart people use

By Guru Hellen 6 years ago. Tagged under Parenting, Emotions, Wisdom, 21st century, How to raise children, Love, Peace, Optimism.

I am certain you have heard the adage “Never underestimate the power of I AM!” Ironically we never take it to heart when uttering what follows these two words. I have heard many times over and over, people slitting their future into pieces using this phrase. Other times I hear some folks curse their offspring using the same phrase, curse themselves and cast spells that are so hard to undo.

What type of a parent are you?

By Guru Hellen 6 years ago. Tagged under Parenting, How to raise children, 21st century parenting, Caretaker, Children.

This is the process of taking care and bringing up children entrusted to you till they are old enough to be independent. While some of us think that a parent is your father and/or mother, in modern societies we have adopted parents, guardians, caretakers, babysitters, nannies and even trustees who take up the role of parenting.

How to raise a child in the 21st century

By Guru Hellen 8 years ago. Tagged under Parenting, Teenagers, Life lessons, How to raise boys, How to raise children, Raising your child, 21st century parenting, Motivation, Children.

In the 21st century, parenting feels like a congested lifestyle; so much to do, so little time!! and most times we don’t even know what to do. It reminds me of a weaver bird filled tree house!! noisy, extremely busy, congested and mostly individualistic.
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