Confidence – How to identify and silence fear

Whether we believe it or not, we are spiritual beings undergoing a physical journey on planet earth. Each one of us has a “raison d’etre”, “Ikigai” or simply said, “A reason for being”. The journey through life is influenced by the spiritual dimension as much as physical dimension. Unfortunately, we often ignore the spiritual side of our being, and hence the effect thereof. Everyday, We are either feeding the positive side or negative side of our spiritual being.

The words we use to describe ourselves serve our spirit with the corresponding energy. This is because words are simply manifestations of energy from the speaker; just as an arrow shoots from the bow. They carry beauty or strife with them. That is why the good book (The Bible) warns us about what comes from our tongue; For the power of healing and cursing lies therein (proverbs 18:21).

Knowledge is power. Knowing that you are putting yourself down is one thing, and knowing how you are putting yourself down is power: For in this way you will be empowered to overcome your own poison.

Watch out for Poisonous Words: “I am just a….”, I am terrible at this…” ” I will never learn how to….” ” I am fat and ugly… No one will love…” “Mum/dad was right; I am useless,” I can’t overcome my addiction” ” …Too lazy…Too dark…Too weak…” and the list goes on.

Stop feeding the negative side and pat yourself on the back!!! You have made it this far and you are simply AMAZING!! It does not matter who thinks otherwise. You are a walking, living miracle with very unique talents, hopes, love and purpose. Do not compare yourself with others. How about others comparing with you for a start!! I wish I could put a sticker on your face, in your bedroom, in your wallet to remind you how amazing you are, that the world needs you right now, to step to your dream place.

You know that small voice at the back of your ears that never shuts up? Retrain it to never stop singing your praises. Use it as an elevator when everything seems all dull and down.

Watch out for mental poisoning: Boredom, cynicism, despair, mental blockages especially whenever a new challenge comes up.

The mental capabilities are sharpened by activities, challenges, adventure, risks etc. Boredom simply means a lack of mental activity that is exciting. If you feel bored cook up an adventure, take a trip to nature, play a game that is mentally or physically challenging, read a good book or write one, visit with a friend and have a mentally stimulating chat. There is a lot that can be done to overcome boredom. This applies to both the young and adults. Idle minds are dangerous to nature. Do not let yours be one.

Watch out for confidence vampires: These can either be emotional or behavioural. Examples of these are fear of expressing love, appreciation, kindness, patience and tolerance. One thinks that it is a sign of weakness to express unconditional love and all these virtues. I refer to this as misplaced/misused ego.

On the contrary, the strong ones will always express their feelings, sometimes very strongly. Crying in public when overwhelmed is okay. So is laughing out loud and hugging like a bear. Happiness is a universal gift which is only received when shared. Love is a universal language. Saying you are grateful for all around you only brings you more things to be grateful for. Remember words are energy, and expressions are the energy catalysts. Remember what goes around comes around. Give, share, express and you will receive what you give; in good measure. So, what are you giving in confidence?

These are but a few spiritual diseases we all suffer from in life. We need to consciously work against them in order to fulfil our purpose here on planet earth.

As Benjamin Spock said” You know more than you think you do. Trust yourself!” So do I. Trust yourself.

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