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Confidence – How to identify and silence fear

By Guru Hellen 7 years ago. Tagged under Life purpose, Life lessons, Childhood dreams, Growing up, Faith, Fear, Love, Peace, Conflict, Goal of life, Middleground, Motivation, Optimism, Relationship, Challenges, Doubts, Goals.

Whether we believe it or not, we are spiritual beings undergoing a physical journey on planet earth. Each one of us has a”raison d’etre”, “Ikigai” or simply said, “A reason for being”. The journey through life is influenced by the spiritual dimension as much as physical dimension. Unfortunately, we often ignore the spiritual side of our being, and hence the effect thereof. Everyday, We are either feeding the positive side or negative side of our spiritual being.

Life’s Goals : Your childhood dreams

By Guru Hellen 8 years ago. Tagged under Life purpose, Goal setting, Childhood dreams, Growing up, Goal of life, Life's goals, Motivational, Life path.

One of the most amazing things in life is watching a child grow up; right from birth when they announce their arrival with a cry. They quickly learn to seek out what they need, cry for it, without caring where they are or who is around them.
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