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Low self-esteem : The relationships serial Killer

By Guru Hellen 5 years ago. Tagged under Life purpose, Relationships, Marriage counseling in Edmonton, Lifes journey, Marital coaching in Edmonton, Sparks in relationship, Relationship, Challenges, Financial coaching.

In this millennium it is amazing how much knowledge and expertise we command with a click of a button, but unfortunately, we have not discovered the apps to help us to develop, regain or keep our self- esteem, an essential ingredient in life’s journey.

What is in it for me?

By Guru Hellen 5 years ago. Tagged under Life purpose, Relationships, Relationship coaching, Goal setting in marriage, Marriage, Marriage flames, Spouse needs, Challenges, Goals.

Do you ever wonder what the purpose of marriage is? Do you and your spouse sometimes wonder how other couples seem to have it easy, while you struggle to keep your relationship afloat? Let us explore these questions together

How to keep Marriage flames burning

By Guru Hellen 5 years ago. Tagged under Emotions, Love, Marriage flames, Sparks in relationship, Motivation, Optimism, Relationship, Challenges.

Love is like fire. This analogy is so similar in both the positive and negative aspects. Love can make a garden look like heaven and if ignored, it can destroy everything that was built upon it. Every couple needs to keep adding the fuel, which is more often than not, inexpensive. The following are some simple fuels to help keep the flame burning for longer in the garden of love

How to stay optimistic

By Guru Hellen 7 years ago. Tagged under Life purpose, Life lessons, Peace, Conflict, Goal of life, Life challenges, Optimism, Challenges, Goals, Motivational.

Life is an amazing journey. It is full of turns and twists, high peeks and deep dark crevices. sometimes we find ourselves in dark caves that look like a cold, dark dead end. It is still part of the journey; and that is what makes it interesting, challenging and fun. Just like the two sides of a coin, the head and the tail are it’s integral parts. All living things in this planet face challenges; be it plants, animals or human beings.

Confidence – How to identify and silence fear

By Guru Hellen 7 years ago. Tagged under Life purpose, Life lessons, Childhood dreams, Growing up, Faith, Fear, Love, Peace, Conflict, Goal of life, Middleground, Motivation, Optimism, Relationship, Challenges, Doubts, Goals.

Whether we believe it or not, we are spiritual beings undergoing a physical journey on planet earth. Each one of us has a”raison d’etre”, “Ikigai” or simply said, “A reason for being”. The journey through life is influenced by the spiritual dimension as much as physical dimension. Unfortunately, we often ignore the spiritual side of our being, and hence the effect thereof. Everyday, We are either feeding the positive side or negative side of our spiritual being.
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