How to get productive during Covid-19 Lockdown


Here we are at unprecedented times, with the economy and everything we believed to be certain, being tested to the limits. We are at a stage in life that we did not foresee only two months ago. we are on lockdown - indoors. we are stuck with our spouses and children or parents for an unspecified time. we still have to live and thrive as we wait out the spread of this deadly virus. Some husbands are re-learning how to live with their wives and children while the wives are learning to be patient with themselves and with each member of the family. We are in another classroom in the home. The question is what to do all the time and so limited spaces, over and over again. We either get smart or get over each other's heads. Here are a few suggestions to avoid the latter scenario. 1. Focus on yourself: In order to keep your head above your shoulders, it is paramount to start with yourself. Wake up as early as every day, meditate, pray, exercise or read a good book. This sets the pace for the rest of the day. A positive attitude in the morning helps you set the mood for the rest of the family and goes a long way in making room for others. Later in the day, you can make up time for self-grooming as well. I particularly enjoy doing my hair or polishing my nails as I relax in the afternoon.

  1. Set a schedule for the day: when you plan your day, it becomes much easier to be productive. Remember to include your personal chores as well as those you would like to have others help. Remember to include those tasks you suspended aeons ago and vowed to revisit them when you get some free time( I am sure you have lots of that right now). Keep the list within easy reach and share with those involved. It is crucial to develop this list together with the helpers rather than dictating to them. This creates more harmony and willing participation of each member. While you are in charge of the schedule it is also important to allow room for change in order to accommodate others. Remember you are together in this.

  2. Share your skills: Train your children in basic home skills; cooking, baking, cleaning, reading, room organisation, spring cleaning, arts and craft, communication skills and manners. As you teach your kids these skills remember to have fun. This is the time to re-establish those bonds that have been fading due to work pressure and modern lifestyles. It is also a time to share the wonderful life skills you never share with your kids because they are usually too busy learning from others.

  3. Reach out to the elderly neighbours: Being in lockdown does not necessarily mean not helping that needy neighbour who is unable to go shopping or get food from the community’s food pantry. Remember that they are more at risk than you. You may be the only angel in their sky. So always be of help to your family and those around you as you stay healthy. Keep your distance though and observe all the hygiene protocols to avoid being infected or infecting others.

These are but a few suggestions to help you stay active and sane during these trying times. A point to remember is that this will eventually pass. So stop lamenting and have fun indoors.

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