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How to get productive during Covid-19 Lockdown

By Guru Hellen 4 years ago. Tagged under Life purpose, Parenting, Relationships, Behavioral health, Lifes challenges, Problem solving in marriage, Conflict resolution in marriage, Marriage coaching.

Here we are at unprecedented times, with the economy and everything we believed to be certain, being tested to the limits. We are at a stage in life that we did not foresee only two months ago. we are on lockdown - indoors. we are stuck with our spouses and children or parents for an unspecified time. we still have to live and thrive as we wait out the spread of this deadly virus. Some husbands are re-learning how to live with their wives and children while the wives are learning to be patient with themselves and with each member of the family. We are in another classroom in the home. The question is what to do all the time and so limited spaces, over and over again. We either get smart or get over each other's heads. Here are a few suggestions to avoid the latter scenario.

Marriage Counselling vs Marital coaching

By Guru Hellen 5 years ago. Tagged under Marriage counseling in Edmonton, Marriage counselling, Problem solving in marriage, Conflict resolution in marriage, Goal setting in marriage, Marriage coaching.

From these definitions, we note that Counselling and therapy focus on solving an existing problem while coaching focuses on improving the individual or couple or group. Coaching focuses on goal achievement, the "how are we going to do it by when". While Counselling is more clinical and problem-solving oriented, coaching is more flexible and goal oriented.
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