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How to win your spouse’s support in decision making

By Guru Hellen 5 years ago. Tagged under Wisdom, Planning, Spouse issues, Spouse needs, his/her needs, Motivational.

Do you ever wonder why your spouse keeps quiet when you need them to give you feedback? Do you want to end the confrontational episodes when you share your ideas? This article will give you hints as to what is going on your communication system and how to overcome this.

How to stay optimistic

By Guru Hellen 7 years ago. Tagged under Life purpose, Life lessons, Peace, Conflict, Goal of life, Life challenges, Optimism, Challenges, Goals, Motivational.

Life is an amazing journey. It is full of turns and twists, high peeks and deep dark crevices. sometimes we find ourselves in dark caves that look like a cold, dark dead end. It is still part of the journey; and that is what makes it interesting, challenging and fun. Just like the two sides of a coin, the head and the tail are it’s integral parts. All living things in this planet face challenges; be it plants, animals or human beings.

Life’s Goals : Your childhood dreams

By Guru Hellen 8 years ago. Tagged under Life purpose, Goal setting, Childhood dreams, Growing up, Goal of life, Life's goals, Motivational, Life path.

One of the most amazing things in life is watching a child grow up; right from birth when they announce their arrival with a cry. They quickly learn to seek out what they need, cry for it, without caring where they are or who is around them.

A journey to the heart of thanks giving

By Guru Hellen 8 years ago. Tagged under Life teaching and journey, Motivational, Thanksgiving, Family.

One day as we were having a family lunch, we said the grace. Then I asked my family,” what is the moral of thanksgiving Day?” and my little boy jumped up saying, “To eat lots of Turkey!!”
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