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By Guru Hellen 4 years ago. Tagged under Relationships, Marital coaching, Marriage counseling in Edmonton, Relationship coaching in Edmonton, Dating, Premarital coaching, Communication courting, Courtship.

Marriage institution has been facing serious attacks from every conceivable corner and some of those in it are not making it look any better to outsiders. The vows become obsolete as soon as the ceremony ends and the struggles start to materialise at the honeymoon stage. My take on this gloomy picture is that couples do not do their homework before boarding the marriage wagon. There are a few deal breakers that should never be overlooked when dating. These deal breakers apply to lovers looking to solemnize their relationship, irrespective of their cultural background, faith or income level.

What is premarital counselling?

By Guru Hellen 5 years ago. Tagged under Relationships, Relationship coaching, Marriage counseling in Edmonton, Dating, Counselling, Wedding, Premarital coaching, Coaching in Edmonton.

In Marriage preparation counselling, the couple is given pertinent information such as dating requirements after marriage, parenting expectations and the corresponding consequences of having children, financial planning, romance and sex education, family planning, communication and conflict resolution, religious and spiritual roles as required of each spouse.
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