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Shame: Get that mask off!

By Guru Hellen a month ago. Tagged under Life purpose, Relationships, Conflict resolution, Relationship coaching, Lifes challenges, Relationship coaching in Edmonton, Peace.

How many times has society forced you to wear masks that please to them, but make you forget who you really are? What masks are you wearing right now? It is time to peel off those masks.


By Guru Hellen 11 months ago. Tagged under Relationships, Marital coaching, Marriage counseling in Edmonton, Relationship coaching in Edmonton, Dating, Premarital coaching, Communication courting, Courtship.

Marriage institution has been facing serious attacks from every conceivable corner and some of those in it are not making it look any better to outsiders. The vows become obsolete as soon as the ceremony ends and the struggles start to materialise at the honeymoon stage. My take on this gloomy picture is that couples do not do their homework before boarding the marriage wagon. There are a few deal breakers that should never be overlooked when dating. These deal breakers apply to lovers looking to solemnize their relationship, irrespective of their cultural background, faith or income level.

The Magic Relationship Ratio, According to Science

By The Gottman Institute a year ago. Tagged under Relationships, Conflict resolution, Marital coaching, Emotions, Psychology, Wisdom, Relationship coaching in Edmonton.

Couples who flourish engage in conflict differently than those who eventually break up.

Five important indicators that will make you know if he/she is the right one for you

By Guru Hellen 2 years ago. Tagged under Marital coaching, Relationship coaching in Edmonton, Love, Marriage, Marriage flames, Sparks in relationship, Courtship, Courting and dating, Married couples want, Staying married, Spouse needs, his/her needs.

The journey to finding a lifelong mate can be both daunting, and uncertain. There are more questions than answers in one’s mind at this time. “Been there; done that” seems to be the only encouragement most mentors will give you, especially after a heartbreak. There several tenets or indicators that can help guide you to finding your ideal mate.

Hassle-free back to school season for parents and children

By Guru Hellen 2 years ago. Tagged under Parenting, Relationship coaching in Edmonton, Planning, Being a parent, Blame, Mentor, Caretaker, Back-to-school, Hustle, Budgeting, Relationship counselling in Edmonton, Children.

Parents look edgy and stressed in all malls and bookstores I have been visiting. Complains and glaring stares are exchanged between the children and parents. I can’t help but smile and sympathize at the same time. But I believe it should not be that way. Here is my take on this hullaballoo

What are irreconcilable differences in marriage?

By Guru Hellen 2 years ago. Tagged under Relationship coaching in Edmonton, Planning, Marriage, Marital coaching in Edmonton, Conflict, Budgeting, Relationship counselling in Edmonton, Goals, Irreconcilable differences, Communication, Work-life balance, Preferences, Marital counseling in Edmonton.

Do you and your spouse sometimes feel like you are at logger-heads and feel like there is no solution in sight? Do you always wish you could turn back the clock and change your partner or the situation?

January Blues!!

By Guru Hellen 2 years ago. Tagged under Relationship coaching in Edmonton, Planning, Relationship counselling in Edmonton, Self-awareness, Financial coaching.

It is almost towards the end of this very cold or hot month (depending on your geographical location in this sphere). I have been very keen to notice one interesting global phenomenon: It is the Zombie month!!! (And I thought Halloween was over!! Hahahahaaa!). You would not be very wrong to think you are in an actual reality show of the ‘walking dead’.

7 essential practices to strengthen family ties

By Guru Hellen 2 years ago. Tagged under Parenting, Marital coaching, Relationship coaching in Edmonton, Planning, Being a parent, Blame, Mentor, Caretaker, Back-to-school, Hustle, Budgeting, Children, Guidance and counselling.

The best part of growing up is the memories you make/made with your parents. The bedside stories, camping while roasting marshmallows, bonfire hotdogs, wrestling in the house, hunting, playing basketball or chess, long adventure travels, memorable dinners. Contrary to what most people believe the gifts given to children take a back shelf in their memories as they grow older. I can only remember a toy or two that I really loved, but the memories… will stay with me forever.

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