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Seven main reasons why your teen won’t listen to you

By Guru Hellen 6 years ago. Tagged under Parenting, Teenagers, 21st century parenting, Love, Conflict, Being a parent, Children.

Many a time, parents express fatigue, disillusionment, sadness, depression and utter despair, when talking about their teen children. They repeatedly complain to each other how one teen is worse than the other and that there is no way of solving their never-ending problems. Instead of helping each other out, these parents embark on an endless journey of complaints and lamentations. Although these parents’ feelings may be justified, I believe that parenting at whatever stage of a child’s life is as challenging as it is fun.

How to raise a child in the 21st century

By Guru Hellen 8 years ago. Tagged under Parenting, Teenagers, Life lessons, How to raise boys, How to raise children, Raising your child, 21st century parenting, Motivation, Children.

In the 21st century, parenting feels like a congested lifestyle; so much to do, so little time!! and most times we don’t even know what to do. It reminds me of a weaver bird filled tree house!! noisy, extremely busy, congested and mostly individualistic.
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