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Reasons why arranged marriages have lower divorce rates

By Guru Hellen 5 years ago. Tagged under Conflict resolution, Marriage coaching, Love, Peace, Marriage, Marriage flames, Staying married, Conflict.

People often ask why arranged marriages seem to work better than western style marriages. This is a very contentious question and I would like to shed some light on this apparent differing opinions.

Five important indicators that will make you know if he/she is the right one for you

By Guru Hellen 5 years ago. Tagged under Marital coaching, Relationship coaching in Edmonton, Love, Marriage, Marriage flames, Sparks in relationship, Courtship, Courting and dating, Married couples want, Staying married, Spouse needs, his/her needs.

The journey to finding a lifelong mate can be both daunting, and uncertain. There are more questions than answers in one’s mind at this time. “Been there; done that” seems to be the only encouragement most mentors will give you, especially after a heartbreak. There several tenets or indicators that can help guide you to finding your ideal mate.

7 secrets that will make your marriage life more exciting

By Guru Hellen 5 years ago. Tagged under Love, Marriage, Marriage flames, Married couples want, Staying married.

Sex: the flame in between the sheets, the binding glue of romance and the ultimate intimacy a couple can ever share. I cannot think of a more intimate act with such effect on hormones, mood and overall health of the couple. Most couples abandon the foreplay to a sexual intercourse, especially after marriage. I think of foreplay as a preview to a good movie. It creates curiosity, interest, and desire. Therefore, if the foreplay is missing, the interest wanes and so does desire. No wonder marriages have turned out to be monotonous, boring, and dull affairs. I am dedicated and have made it my mission to bring back the flames into the fireplace of marriage;

What is in it for me?

By Guru Hellen 5 years ago. Tagged under Life purpose, Relationships, Relationship coaching, Goal setting in marriage, Marriage, Marriage flames, Spouse needs, Challenges, Goals.

Do you ever wonder what the purpose of marriage is? Do you and your spouse sometimes wonder how other couples seem to have it easy, while you struggle to keep your relationship afloat? Let us explore these questions together

How to keep Marriage flames burning

By Guru Hellen 5 years ago. Tagged under Emotions, Love, Marriage flames, Sparks in relationship, Motivation, Optimism, Relationship, Challenges.

Love is like fire. This analogy is so similar in both the positive and negative aspects. Love can make a garden look like heaven and if ignored, it can destroy everything that was built upon it. Every couple needs to keep adding the fuel, which is more often than not, inexpensive. The following are some simple fuels to help keep the flame burning for longer in the garden of love
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