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Gratitude Heals Sore Relationships

By Guru Hellen 4 days ago. Tagged under Life purpose, Behavioral health, Conflict resolution, Marital coaching, Marriage counseling in Edmonton, Relationship coaching in Edmonton.

Did I feel like journaling? Absolutely no. My head was telling me it was futile and that I was well into failure, and that my gospel of thriving relationships was a hoax. Against this loud negative voice that had grown so strong, I took my pen and book and wrote my way out of negativity.

Should You keep your opposite sex friends after getting married?

By Guru Hellen 4 months ago. Tagged under Relationships, Behavioral health, Conflict resolution, Relationship coaching, Lifes challenges, Wisdom, Relationship coaching in Edmonton.

Can you still be friends with the opposite sex after marriage? If God wanted us not to keep in touch with the opposite sex after marriage, He would have created a separate world for married couples. But since that is not the case we must learn to live together irrespective of our marital status.

Shame: Get that mask off!

By Guru Hellen 7 months ago. Tagged under Life purpose, Relationships, Conflict resolution, Relationship coaching, Lifes challenges, Relationship coaching in Edmonton, Peace.

How many times has society forced you to wear masks that please to them, but make you forget who you really are? What masks are you wearing right now? It is time to peel off those masks.

How to get productive during Covid-19 Lockdown

By Guru Hellen 8 months ago. Tagged under Life purpose, Parenting, Relationships, Behavioral health, Lifes challenges, Problem solving in marriage, Conflict resolution in marriage, Marriage coaching.

Here we are at unprecedented times, with the economy and everything we believed to be certain, being tested to the limits. We are at a stage in life that we did not foresee only two months ago. we are on lockdown - indoors. we are stuck with our spouses and children or parents for an unspecified time. we still have to live and thrive as we wait out the spread of this deadly virus. Some husbands are re-learning how to live with their wives and children while the wives are learning to be patient with themselves and with each member of the family. We are in another classroom in the home. The question is what to do all the time and so limited spaces, over and over again. We either get smart or get over each other's heads. Here are a few suggestions to avoid the latter scenario.

When you marry a highly competitive spouse…

By Guru Hellen 11 months ago. Tagged under Life purpose, Relationships, Conflict resolution, Relationship coaching, Marital coaching, Marriage counseling in Edmonton, Lifes challenges, Premarital coaching, Marriage counselling, Problem solving in marriage, Peace.

Marriage is one of the most interesting relationships known to man. Two different souls with different desires and ambitions meet and choose to espouse each other.. Having a competitive spouse can be a big blessing because the spouse can be the engine behind the family’s business or career prosperity. There are other times in the relationship when the dreams become incongruent.

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