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Should You keep your opposite sex friends after getting married?

By Guru Hellen a year ago. Tagged under Relationships, Behavioral health, Conflict resolution, Relationship coaching, Lifes challenges, Wisdom, Relationship coaching in Edmonton.

Can you still be friends with the opposite sex after marriage? If God wanted us not to keep in touch with the opposite sex after marriage, He would have created a separate world for married couples. But since that is not the case we must learn to live together irrespective of our marital status.

The Magic Relationship Ratio, According to Science

By The Gottman Institute 3 years ago. Tagged under Relationships, Conflict resolution, Marital coaching, Emotions, Psychology, Wisdom, Relationship coaching in Edmonton.

Couples who flourish engage in conflict differently than those who eventually break up.

How to Plan Finances with Your Spouse

By Guru Hellen 3 years ago. Tagged under Marital coaching, Wisdom, Planning, Spouse needs, Financial coaching, Planning and strategies.

Do you ever wonder why you plan adventure or trips but they don’t materialize? Do you hold off large projects because you are afraid they will never ever see the light of day? Do you always end up in arguments when planning with your spouse? This post will guide you on how to wisely plan your finances and projects with your spouse.

How to win your spouse’s support in decision making

By Guru Hellen 3 years ago. Tagged under Wisdom, Planning, Spouse issues, Spouse needs, his/her needs, Motivational.

Do you ever wonder why your spouse keeps quiet when you need them to give you feedback? Do you want to end the confrontational episodes when you share your ideas? This article will give you hints as to what is going on your communication system and how to overcome this.

Quit complaining and start being a parent

By Guru Hellen 3 years ago. Tagged under Parenting, Wisdom, How to raise children, Being a parent, Mentor, Caretaker, Children, Communication.

The Oxford and Webster dictionaries define ‘Parent’ as the Father or Mother. They further explain the parent by the roles they take: caretaker, protector of children, lover of children, rear, provider, mentor, guide etc.

5 self-sabotaging phrases even smart people use

By Guru Hellen 4 years ago. Tagged under Parenting, Emotions, Wisdom, 21st century, How to raise children, Love, Peace, Optimism.

I am certain you have heard the adage “Never underestimate the power of I AM!” Ironically we never take it to heart when uttering what follows these two words. I have heard many times over and over, people slitting their future into pieces using this phrase. Other times I hear some folks curse their offspring using the same phrase, curse themselves and cast spells that are so hard to undo.